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What Clients Are Saying

I’ve been a financial advisor for 15 years and initially had reservations about hiring a coach. I wanted someone to help me raise the bar and step out of my comfort zone and it turned out Jim was a master at this. He actually listened to what I was saying and redirected my focus in ways that were tailored to work for me. As a result, I was able to bring in several million dollars of new assets in a very short period of time.

Patricia K. Van Kirk, CFP®, CIMA®, Wealth Management Advisor, PIA Portfolio Advisor, Merrill Lynch

I never thought I could find someone who could be as fully invested in my success as a Financial Advisor as I am. It is very difficult for family and even management to make the emotional and time commitments it takes to push an FA to greater success. Your industry experience and unique views on the realities of our business are a breath of fresh air on every call. Without hesitation, I would encourage any Financial Advisor who is looking to be challenged and/or grow their business to work with you.

Chris LeCroy, Vice President, Merrill Lynch

I began working with Jim about three months into my transition to UBS after 14 years with another major firm. He has helped me to refocus my energy on building my business through asking for referrals, not only from existing clients but virtually anyone I interact with. As a result, many more client acquisition opportunities are presenting themselves and I am enjoying my practice more than I have in a long time.

Dan, Vice President, UBS

Since I began working with Jim, the number of referrals I have received has increased about eight fold. Jim has helped me, not only to hone my basic skills, but also to build the habit of asking for referrals and the (correct) expectation that I will get them. Any advisor who is serious about building his practice using referrals would be wise to work with Jim Charette.

Peter Shanahan, Vice President, Merrill Lynch

Jim recently provided a wonderful teleconference for the New Mexico Chapter of Women in Communication. With his warm style and artful stories, Jim skillfully led us through the process of looking at what gets in the way of our asking for what we want, both personally and professionally. He stressed that effective communication occurs when we have a clear focus on what we truly want; understand that everyone has their own perspective about what is “truth”; learn to ask the right questions at the right time; listen with full attention on the other person; and build accountability into what we do. A lot of learning occurred in just one hour.

Karen Panciera, Program Chair, New Mexico Chapter, Women in Communication

I was just stepping back into marketing my company and hired Jim to help me with these efforts. Jim has been endlessly patient in working with me to change my perspective and attitude and to help me take action. He has kept me accountable. Jim has always been encouraging and provides sound advice and counsel. After three months of working with Jim, I find that I am on the right path to turning my company around and moving forward.

Gail Smith, President, Smith + Associates

On behalf of Women in Communication, I would like to thank you for the inspiring and motivating talk you gave at our recent meeting. From the comments by those in attendance, I can say that your talk resonated with everyone in the room. Your timely and action-oriented tips are ones that we can act on for immediate results in both our personal and private lives. Thank you from each of us who heard you speak!

Linda Trignano, New Jersey Chapter, Women in Communication

Jim Charette’s advice to “ask more questions” has helped me greatly to better understand a client’s needs before I try to address them. This is one of those things that we all know is the right thing to do, and we still don’t do it. It takes a conscious effort to find out more about what a customer wants, in order to provide the best possible reply. I am so much more satisfied with my effectiveness with clients, now that I ask more questions.

Maryanne Hedrick, Founder,  My Personal Farmers

Jim Charette’s program has been a huge help to my business. It kept me focused on building a business at a time when acquisition is critically important. Through this process I have been successful in acquiring new clients as well as additional assets from existing accounts. Not only has my productivity improved, I am having a lot more fun in the business. Working closely with Jim has been a very positive experience.

Matt Pierce, Assistant Vice President, Merrill Lynch

Jim was informative, humorous, encouraging, and gracious in addressing attendees’ questions and concerns. His anecdotes and audience interaction put everyone at ease, creating a friendly and non-threatening interchange of ideas between him and audience members. Many came up to me afterwards to give Jim the “thumbs up” for his motivational message and methods. Jim’s knowledge and enthusiasm about the topic thoroughly engaged and informed.

Nayda Rondon, Program Coordinator, The Montvale Free Public Library, NJ

Jim’s process has focused me on asking the right questions in a more proactive way (with the goal of producing a desired result). The extra effort has resulted in…face-to-face client meetings that will allow me to redefine goals and expectations, implement (more business), pull in more assets, and get referrals.

Steve, Vice President, Major Securities Firm

I had invited Jim to come and speak at a business council event and I am very glad I did. Not only was Jim’s presentation excellent, he captivated the audience with his energy and stories. The feedback I received from the audience was that he was one of the best presenters they had the opportunity to hear. I would recommend Jim for any audience, from business to students.

Lena Bodin, Principal, People Resource Strategies

As Jim pointed out at the initial meeting, most other seminars send you someplace for a day tell you to do something different and then you go back to the office and keep doing the same thing. This program forces you to be accountable because Jim follows up and makes sure that you actually do it. It’s hard work. I’m more focused on having a different and more productive conversation with my clients than I have had before.

Mark, Vice President, Merrill Lynch

Jim Charette is the epitome of innovation in his approach to barriers in commerce and getting to “yes”.  If you want advice not only on how to push the envelope, but sealing it without touching it, listen to Jim.

James Graham, President & CEO, Warren County Regional Chamber of Commerce, NJ

Thank you so much for your wonderful, interactive presentation. You are certainly a great motivator and an easy speaker to listen to. You had everyone’s attention for the entire time.

Joan Neumann, Vice President Administration, Rockland Business Association, Inc.

Jim worked with a select group of Guardsmen who were in a program to recruit new members. The team that Jim worked with produced results that were far ahead of the other groups. Their output was 7 to 9 times better than the others.

James Corrigan, Lieutenant Colonel FA Commanding, National Guard

Jim Charette is a motivational speaker who knows how to reach his audience. Passion is a perfect description of this man! He will succeed in raising the level of output in any member of your organization. I recommend him to you without reservation.

John Bauer, Athletic Director, Randolph High School (retired)

From a program conducted with 20 Financial Advisors

When speaking with the Financial Advisors of your two-month training program, the one common denominator in their description of the results is that they either proudly acknowledged new business or they described the high-quality new client/prospect acquisitions that they are now interfacing with. Your training taught them to be more proactive, comfortable, and effective when asking for referrals. The program, more than anything, got them focused on contributing to driving near-term results.

Peter Toatly, Vice President, Business Administrative Manager, Merrill Lynch

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  • What People Are Saying

    “Jim Charette is a motivational speaker who knows how to reach his audience. Passion is a perfect description of this man! He will succeed in raising the level of output in any member of your organization. I recommend him to you without reservation.”

    —John Bauer, Athletic Director, Randolph High School (retired)